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Capture, edit, share and protect screenshots
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Capture your screen activity and save as images and GIF animations. Preview your screenshots, share them using automatically received hyperlinks, and protect them with a password. Add notes and arrows to your grabbed images and use various tools to draw on them.

Gyazo is a practical software tool that allows you to share any portion of your screen instantly, in a way that couldn't be easier. The program also allows you to record the action on your screen for up to 7 seconds and share it as a GIF file in the same simple way. To do so, you just need to define the area of your screen to be recorded or captured, that's it!

The most impressive feature about Gyazo, which makes it stand out from other similar tools, is the fact that your captures are uploaded to Gyazo's website instantly, without even requiring to create an account or register with them. The program is so easy to use that it doesn't even show a "conventional" user interface, but you are directly allowed to select the interest area of your screen as soon as you run it. Gyazo installs two shortcuts on your desktop, one for static and another for animated GIFs captures. This tool doesn't even give you the chance to save them as local files, but you can easily download them from Gyazo's website if you require so. Besides, once your capture gets uploaded, you get its sharing link automatically copied into your clipboard.

One of the few windows this program includes is for its general settings. There you can define hotkeys for both types of captures and set Gyazo to intercept the PrintScreen key, automatically open a capture in your web browser when it gets uploaded and add the "Send to Gyazo" command to Windows contextual menus. It, in turn, allows you to upload any preexisting image file to Gyazo's website and share it. Also, you can set the program to automatically scale large images/captures to a maximum width and height in pixels.

All in all, Gyazo is one of the best available solutions for those who need to take screenshots and share them quickly and easily. The program comes with a tutorial window that helps you learn how to use it in seconds. Although you can get your captures instantly and freely shared thanks to Gyazo, it's very advisable that you create a Pro account at $3.99 per month to get additional features like auto text scan with OCR, images edition and GIF animations up to 1 minute.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Shares any portion of your screen as an image file instantly
  • Shares the action on your screen as an animated GIF file
  • Doesn't force you to create an account or register
  • Copies the sharing links automatically on your clipboard
  • Intercepts your keyboard's PrintScreen key
  • Shares any preexisting images or photos with ease
  • Scales too large images automatically
  • Includes a tutorial window


  • Doesn't allow you to save your captures as local image files directly
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