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Gyazo offers a very fast manner of taking and uploading screenshots
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There’s a new trend about screenshots-taking utilities lately: to be as simple as possible. No one cares if they include intricate photo editing functions anymore, all that’s required from them is to be easy and fast. Letting the users quickly upload the taken screenshots to the web is still a big, widely-appreciated advantage of these tools. Gyazo is a perfect example for this matter. It’s such a simple screen-capture program that it doesn’t even have an interface. Though it’s that simple, it offers a truly important function: it will instantly upload the captured image to an online server and provide you with the link for that image. This way you can quickly share that photo with whomever you want.

As I said above, Gyazo has no interface. You just launch it, select the area to be captured and that’s it – that image will also instantly be uploaded to the web. A link will automatically open in your default web browser showing you that image. On this website you can also see a history with all the uploaded screenshots. You can also add some of them to a “favorites” page or delete the ones that you no longer need.

It also lets you upload existing photos, without previously capturing them from your desktop. Just drag and drop an image file onto the Gyazo’s icon and that picture will be instantly uploaded ready to be shared.

In conclusion, Gyazo is a perfect example of how a screenshot-taking application should look like: lightweight, simple and fast. I was a bit bothered by many flashing ads displayed on the website where the taken screenshots are uploaded, but that’s a minor aspect especially when considering how handy this little tool can be.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Can upload existing images and not only screenshots


  • An option to stop the uploaded image from automatically being displayed in the default web browser would be handy especially when there are already a lot of tabs opened in that browser
  • The program comes with no user-interface
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