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Editorial review


Margie Smeer Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 2.0
Gyazo is a very simple tool that offers a very fast method of taking a screen capture and uploading it to the web in order to be shared with whomever you want. This small tool is in fact so simple that it doesn’t even have a typical interface.
In order to share a screenshot using it, it’s enough to launch it from the desktop, tray, taskbar or whichever location you prefer, then select the screen area to be captured. Then the screenshot will be instantly taken and uploaded to an online location whose link you can share with anyone you want, and therefore, let anyone you want see that screenshot. Simply put, it’s incredibly fast and effective. There are no photo editing functions or any other features whose real usefulness would be otherwise questionable.

Once a screenshot is taken and uploaded, a link will automatically open in your default web browser displaying that image. On this website you can also check a history with all the previously uploaded screenshots, letting you delete the ones that you no longer need or add any of them to a list of “favorites”.

Gyazo has been enhanced with a pretty important new feature since its last reviewed version. It now supports capturing the screen activity to short (7-seconds) animated GIF files. This is an interesting function that can prove to be very useful especially in those situations when a simple static image is not enough to explain or describe what you are trying to show on your desktop. It’s great for short yet effective tutorials.

In conclusion, Gyazo is a great screenshot taking and uploading tool, as it offers a really fast and simple method of sharing screen captures. The fact that it supports animated GIFs makes it even more attractive. Furthermore, it’s completely free, so I can only recommend it with all my heart.


  • Can also capture short animated GIFs.
  • Represents a really fast method of sharing screenshots.
  • Free.


  • There's still no option to stop the uploaded image from automatically being displayed in the default web browser, which would be handy especially when there are already a lot of tabs opened in that browser.

Publisher's description

Gyazo is a program designed to capture your desktop screen and share it with your friends or colleagues. After you make a capture, the image is automatically uploaded to a secret cloud storage and the access link is saved in the clipboard. Then you can paste and share the link instantly in IM, social networks, mail and more.

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